Cresce número de casamentos multiculturais entre africanos e portugueses

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Abstract: The aim of this article was to reflect about the growing number of Brazilian women who have become involved with foreign Muslim men on the Internet. In this globalized age in which we live, the ease of communication has contributed to the increasing number of intercultural relationships that can be both full of charm and filled with disenchantment. For this investigation, the conventional and virtual ethnographic method was chosen. As a conventional empirical field of study, the research was conducted with Brazilian women who were in a romantic relationship with foreign Muslims. Thus, we sought to understand the new romantic scenario that has settled in the Brazilian society over recent years. Pois, a medida em que avançam os meios tecnológicos, encurta-se o tempo e ampliam-se as oportunidades de tornar próximo o longe. Casar é habitar no sonho do outro. Encurtou-se o tempo e ampliaram-se as oportunidades de tornar próximo o distante.

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